About Olender Legal Solutions

The Litigator's Solution

Olender Legal Solutions is the "litigator's solution". Olender Legal Solutions has distinguished itself as the premiere provider of certified court reporters, certified legal videographers and video conferencing for more than 35 years. Our experience in complex litigation matters and the level of service we provide ensures that all of your cases' events will be seamless and successful. Call 866-420-4020 or schedule online a certified court reporter, certified legal videographer or video conference.

Our Approach

We will assist you and your team with the daily challenges of your cases. We will provide you with a dedicated project manager and the highest level of service and work product. We will supervise all deposition logistics and help you determine your case requirements based on such variables as:

  • Size and type of case
  • Expected number of depositions
  • Technology needs
  • Deposition location(s)
  • Case budget

Our Experience


Olender Legal Solutions has worked with law firms and government entities for over 35 years. We are experts in litigation technologies and are a Certified LiveNote Partner, NCRA Certified Trial Professional, Certified Trial Director Trainer and Certified Multimeda Expert. We have vast experience in handling all types of litigation matters and are eager to assist you with your next deposition or litigation event.

lender Legal Solutions employs the most experienced certified court reporters and certified legal videographers to ensure you receive the best service for you depositions. Call Olender Legal Solutions for your next video conference. We will provide you with a video conference location where you need one.