International Court Reporting & Video Conference

International Deposition Services


When scheduling a deposition outside of the United States, you should keep in mind most countries are very different from what you are used to here in the states. Technology, culture, logistics, and a general understanding of a country's legal process can create challenging roadblocks for a deposition to be successful. The costs involved in conducting a deposition outside of the United States are very expensive but they can be much more if you do not make sure you have everything in synch for that crucial moment of the deposition. There are numerous checklist items you must go through in order to ensure you have the right court reporter, legal videographer and location and so much more.

OLS has been providing deposition services for over 35 years. Along with our affiliate; Reitz Worldwide, our team of international reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters ensure your event is seamless and successful. You can feel confident when hiring OLS that your case is in the hands of true professionals.

If you wish to schedule your international deposition, call Olender Legal Solutions at 866-420-4020 or schedule online.

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Video Conferencing Around the World

OLS offers video conferencing locations worldwide. Save time, travel costs and hassle - without compromising the power of face-to-face meetings. Our state of the art facilities and equipment deliver secure, TV quality video conferencing for depositions, interviews, or any meeting where your clients, colleagues or experts are far away.

Working with OLS means having all of the video conference seamlessly coordinated and the quality controlled to the highest technical standards. From coordinating the video conference logistics, to providing the onsite service delivery, Olender Legal Solutions is here to support you.