Legal Documentaries

Day-in-the-Life Video

In virtually every serious injury case, a day-in-the-life documentary should be presented to the jury. This dramatic video will be the most dynamic and momentous evidence your jury will see. A well-prepared day-in-the-life documentary should strongly and accurately convey the lifelong physical and emotional pain and suffering that cannot be expressed through mere words alone.

Life-Before-Injury Documentaries

In serious injury cases, these documentaries are used to present the healthy and happy life of the plaintiff before the debilitating injury. Photographs and videos, which depict plaintiff and family, are combined into a moving and memorable portrait of the plaintiff prior to the life-altering catastrophic injury.

Wrongful Death Video Portrait

Life-before-death documentaries present the rich and healthy life of a decedent prior to his or her death. A montage of photographs and videos dramatically present the loving relationship between the decedent and his or her family. The jury will have the opportunity to meet and witness the life which was so irrevocably lost, and the significant impact on the decedent's survivors. Demonstrative Video Trial Exhibits Video trial exhibits encompass an unlimited range of evidence, from videotaped trial testimony, linked to trial exhibits, to computer animations and everything in between. When properly prepared, video trial exhibits are extremely powerful and persuasive and can be successfully used to address one or many aspects of a lawsuit. 

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