Legal Video Depositions


Certified Legal Videographers

Olender Legal Solutions was selected to video tape the depositions of the "Big Three" during the Clinton impeachment trial. The video in this case like in all cases was crucial to the testimony as shown on CNN, because without it, there would be no body language or facial expressions to observe. This is what makes a legal video deposition so important to a case.

To schedule a legal videographer for your next event, please schedule online or contact us at 866-420-4020. We ensure that you will have the most qualified legal videographer for your matter.

Certified Multimedia Experts

After your deposition, our post-production team will edit your video to your specifications or we can synchronize your video with the transcript from the deposition in order to present to the jury. As your case moves to trial, our team of trial experts will work with your firm to create a powerful presentation for your case.