Trial Director Training

Certified Trial Presentation Professional

Olender Legal Solutions is a Certified Trial Professional by the NCRA and will take the lead on presenting your case digitally to the jury. We use the newest technologies to show your evidence to the fullest, making a case winning impact on the jury.


Certified TrialDirector® Trainer

Olender Legal Solutions is a Certified TrialDirector® Trainer and can will work with your team to create case winning presentations. We will educate your litigation team in the areas of video synchronization, video editing for trial playback and preparing documents for your presentation.


Master Presentation Technology

Learn how to master the use of presentation technology in the courtroom by attending one of our Kroll Ontrack/TrialGraphix training programs designed to prepare you to operate and manage technology at trial. Our skilled presentation technology experts will teach you how to leverage such presentation software as Exhibitor®, TrialDirector® and Sanction®.


Olender Legal Solutions also offers Court Reporting, Video Depositions, Video Conferencing and Document Management Services.