Video Deposition Services

Legal Video Experts

monica2(8) Olender Legal Solutions was selected to videotape the depositions of the "Big Three" during the Clinton impeachment trial. The video in this case; as in all cases, was crucial to the testimony as shown on CNN. Without it, there would be no body language or facial expressions to observe. We ensure that you will have the most qualified certified legal videographer for your matter. You can trust OLS to provide you with the best possible video deposition for your case. Call Olender Legal Solutions at 866-420-4020 or schedule your video deposition online for your next event.

Certified Multimedia Experts

livenote(11)Olender Legal Solution's team of legal videographers are experts at streaming video technologies and can stream your video deposition anywhere in the world. Your colleague, expert or client can attend the deposition remotely, saving time and money. After your deposition, our post-production team will synchronize your video with the transcript from the deposition. As your case moves to trial, our team will coordinate with your office to create a powerful presentation for your case.

Video Conference Video Depositions

Olender Legal Solutions specializes in video conference video depositions that requires both video conferencing and video deposition. We can provide your office with the newest technologies for this service and ensure a seamless success for your video conference video deposition.

Florida Court Reporter

Olender Legal Solutions can schedule all of your certified court reporting, certified legal videographer and video conferencing needs throughout Florida.  We have highly trained and certified Florida court reporters that provide experience, expertise, accuracy and attention to detail and can handle any of your litigation needs.

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